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10 marketing must do’s when business is slow

There are seasons in every business when things are slow. It is not the time to do nothing though.   Take action today and expect results. marketingtipsSee our top 10 strategies to implement when business is slow.

1. Write An Article For The Media

Journalists are always looking for a good story. Look for an angle to write about that will interest, inspire and impact your community.

2. Ask Family And Friends For Referrals

Consumers trust their family and friends over all forms of advertising. Ask them to refer you to their contacts. Imagine if you asked 10 of your close family and friends to refer you to 5 of their contacts. That’s 50 new potential contacts to do business with. Just ask.

3. Redesign Your Marketing Material

This could be a season to view all your marketing material. Review your company brochures, flyers, website, and business card and make sure they reflect your brand identity.

4. Read Up On Your Industry

There is probably a lot going on in your industry and in your busy season you were not able to catch up on. Invest in books and magazines that will enlighten you on industry trends and what’s buzzing at the moment.

5. Attend Free Networking Events

During the quiet season why not look at you local events listings for free events in your area.  Find events that suits your company’s vision and try and attend at least one a month. There is power in networking and you may meet a potential client.

6. Give Away Free Samples or Tasters

When business is slow, offer free samples or tasters of your product or service. Now that it’s coming to the end of year why not plan a strategy for January where you give away free items. This  may lead to the purchase of your goods or services, later in the year.

7. Send Special Promotions To Your Email Database

Write a newsletter to your database. Send tips on how to do things or give valuable information. Offer a promo for a period of time.

8. Write A Book

There is never enough time to write a book when business is booming. The slow period may be the best time to write that book on your product or service. Be your industry expert. Start by writing a chapter a day and before you know it, you will be ready to publish your book.

9.  Look For Collaborations

There are benefits to collaborating. Look for other companies where you can both benefit and think of a joint partnership together.  Maybe you can both run a seminar together and provide different skills.

10.  Learn A New Skill

During a slow period  there are many news skills you can discover. Digital marketing is one of them. Small to medium size businesses need to understand Digital marketing . This new technology is very powerful for growth and valuable for your business.


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