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Every client that I know is trying to save money off their events; In this blog I will share 10 Secrets to save money off your next event.



If you are hosting your event in a venue hall or hotel then Saturday’s are the most expensive day to host your event. Rates are at the highest on Saturdays. There is more bargaining power when you have your event in the week or on Sundays.


More of our clients prefer e-cards as a way of saving costs. It’s also the most effective way to send out invitations because it goes directly into an email inbox. It also cuts out the costs of buying printed cards and delivering them.  


More established vendors charge high fees for their services but there are less well known names that do just as good a job as the bigger names but charge affordable rates at good quality. We only use vendors that we have tested and can deliver a great service at a reasonable price.


If there are budget constraints then it is best to stick to simple a menu. Our caterers come highly recommended and have a wide range of menu choices. Most guests are satisfied with chicken and jellof rice as long it’s tasty. 


Limiting the amount of alcohol especially the champagne and wine will reduce your spending costs drastically. You can even replace with non-alcoholic lookalike bottles. 


Your guests are not fussed about desserts so that element doesn’t need to be on the menu. The celebration cake is sufficient and can actually be served as dessert.



It’s not how much decoration used at a party that will make a hall stand out or look beautiful but how elegant it appears. Less is best and less is less expensive. We can also work with great colours and lights to give the venue space that extra lift.


A guest list is a must if you want to prevent uninvited guests. Tighten your guest list by using strictly by invitation and access cards. When your guests notice the strict invite code and access cards, they are less likely to invite other friends 


Unless it’s a corporate event that requires brand awareness then gift bags are nice to have but not essential. Most gifts bags are thrown away once the guests get home. 


One way to replace gift bag option, is to source small practical gifts that can easily go onto a guest’s handbag or pocket like a key ring or pen. It’s the thought that counts.


With an enviable reputation for creativity, excellence and integrity, Majestically Rare is dedicated to providing world class event planning services and this is evident from raving reviews from our clients. Our approach to Event Planning is from an International perspective and our roots come from managing events for world class brands like the BBC and Financial Times. In Nigeria, we have managed corporate events and training for brands like MTN, IHS Towers, Stanbic IBTC, Diamond Bank and ACAN just to mention a few. We have also executed exclusive and classy events for our social clients.

We always approach our clients individually and think out of the box because we recognize that one size does not fit all. We are passionate about what we do and always explore cutting edge ways to delight our clients, through detailed consultation and superior customer care.

Here is what some clients say about Majestically Rare Events

Majestically Rare packaged a most memorable black tie dinner for the Association of Consulting Architects (ACAN)  and other high net- worth stake holders in the industry. They took the event to another level exhibiting passion with great potential and paying attention to detail, resourcefully owing our event with their brand. They tirelessly delivered an event second to none in view of their best practice which exhibits integrity. ACAN will consider them for both local and international events as they can only get better and come highly recommended without hesitation.

Association of Consulting Architects Nigeria (ACAN)

It has been a pleasure to have Majestically Rare on board for the second time, as an Events & Publicity consultants for our Annual Investor conference. They have strong work ethics and are able to deliver projects on time and to excellent standards”.

CBO Capital Partners, Lagos 

Majestically Rare Ltd comes highly recommended from us. We can attest that they work in depth and with passion to execute agreed projects within timeframe. MR is very particular about high quality delivery and client satisfaction. We have had both client and collaborative experiences with MR as children and youth development partners, as Trainer at High Impact Business Growth Training Workshop, and as Event Managers at our recent 10th anniversary celebrations. Majestically Rare Events is very professional and fully loaded on quality resource from a wealth of diverse experiences and international exposure

Teeky Group


Majestically Rare is an epitome of the plenty philosophy and very appreciative of the Publicity and Events service they delivered and their willingness to offer support, over and beyond the contracted work”.  

MTN Grand Shop Opening, Lekki 


Thanks for putting together everything so beautifully. Thanks your calling.

50th Birthday Party Celebrant


Everyone young and old have informed me that it was a fantastic party. Please hang your boots. You guys rock.  

Client from 50th Birthday Celebrant


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