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High Impact Business Growth – Special New Year Edition 2016

Our High Impact Business Growth is focused on creating an ACTIONABLE Marketing Growth Plan specifically for your business. The Breakthrough for your Business Growth starts with gaining clarity of your business positioning, your impact message and setting measurable goals. Together, we will create an action plan to generate […]

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I relocated to Lagos, over 7 years ago and I often get asked by friends in London how I manage to survive living in Nigeria and I laugh out loud and say ”You just have to fasten your seat belt and pray and be ready for an […]

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Vendor Management Tips

Its that time of year again when as corporate event planners, we seek vendors to partner with,  to create an outstanding and breathtaking event. The vendors you partner with, can either make or break your reputation, depending on whether they have the same work ethics as you. […]

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Most business owners both locally and internationally, go into Nigeria with products or services that they think people will like without conducting market research. There is a better approach to entering the Nigerian Marketplace.  Know the Market You need to have a very clear idea of your […]

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DiasporaConnex.com www.Diasporaconnex.com is proud to provide Nigerian businesses a unique opportunity to connect with a new and wider target audience of over 6 million Nigerians living in the diaspora. This platform offers an avenue to reach the Nigerian diaspora community, quickly, efficiently and at a very affordable […]

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Everyone is talking about social media these days and how important it is for businesses. Majestically Rare have been using social media for just over 3 years for our business as a key tool to support our corporate events and brand awareness. We also deliver the same […]

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Many organisations are often on the look out to sponsor events. They often look for events that match their vision and business goals. Some companies set aside budgets for corporate social responsibility. The following notes will help you prepare a good strategy for seeking sponsorship. You need […]

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Business Growth Marketing Workshop – Season 2 deemed a success!

For the 2nd month in a row, on the 18th March business owners in Lagos came off the battlefield to gain marketing  insights from International Marketing Strategist and CEO of Majestically Rare, Mrs Rita Okoye who has been in the marketing industry for over 18 years. Mrs Okoye’s […]

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Effective Leadership and Communication Training for Maximum Impact – 24th & 25th March 2015 This 2 day hands on interactive workshop is designed for developing leaders for success in your organisation. Iruka Ndubuizu, Executive Director of Eureka Consulting, LLC and Rita Okoye, CEO of Majestically Rare are […]

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On Thursday February 26th, Business owners in Lagos came off the battlefield to gain marketing insights from International Marketing Strategist and CEO of Majestically Rare, Mrs Rita Okoye who has been in the marketing industry for over 18 years.  The event was held at an exclusive training […]

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We deliver classy and elegant events. We have a library of testimonials from clients who use us again and again

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We go the extra mile to deliver 1st class event experiences, We have a history of delivering excellence. Feedback is always 100% satisfaction
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We deliver professional training services that are world class. Our training is interactive and engaging.
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