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How socially intelligent are you? Social Intelligence in its simplicity is about our ability to get on with other people but there are complex theories behind this skill involving how are brains work. The brain seeks out patterns and categorizes everything.  As human beings, we naturally want to belong to a group. When you belong to a group you are regarded as a human by your in group but if you are not part of the group you may be seen as an object.

The research suggests that we treat people in our own groups much better than we treat people who are not in our groups. We forgive people in our groups more easier for their mistakes. We reward people in our groups more fully for their accomplishments and we more readily share and respond to the emotions of people in our own groups. Furthermore, we believe our groups are more deserving of resources and that our groups are more virtuous than others.

The theory actually explains racism and tribalism: that another group would view another human being with such detest shows that they view them as objects not human beings. A recent experiment was undertaken of a man disguised as a beggar on busy high street who was dressed down and nobody stopped to pay attention to him but the same man was dressed in a tie and suit and was slouching on the pavement and almost everyone that passed by went to him to see if he was okay.

Do you know that Star Bucks will be closing its entire 8000 stores in May for racial bias training after an incident where two black men were arrested by police because staff thought they were trespassing?

Read story here STARBUCKS

An awareness of social intelligence is what is required so that staff do not treat customers outside their group as a threat. There’s so much more to learn about Social Intelligence and how to improve relationships with others which will give you a huge advantage both in your personal and professional life. We provide first class interactive and engaging experiences, so that participants don’t just go away with knowledge but can apply the practical examples from the workshop and deliver excellence. Only the best will do.

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Other training includes: High Impact Marketing, High Impact Selling, High Impact Social Media, Personal Branding, Corporate Branding, Team Building, Communications Skills, Presentations Skills, Report Writing just to mention a few. Will also offer bespoke training and team building solutions.

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