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How to create your Avatar to use in Publicity

Many small to medium size businesses lose money in publicity because they don’t speak to their ideal target market. In order to avatarknow what to say in your publicity  you need to create an avatar, so that you are speaking to the right target audience.  An avatar is a fictitious character that represents your ideal customer. You can create up to 4 avatar personalities.

Key questions about your Avatar

  1. Male or Female?
  2. Single Married?
  3. Educated to what level?
  4. What type of work doe she do?
  5. What words does she use to describe herself?
  6. What are her short goals? What are her long terms goals?
  7. What are her dreams and aspirations?
  8. What challenges block the ways of these dreams and aspirations?
  9. What outcome would she like from your product or service if she purchases it?

10. What behaviours are typical of her? Does she like to travel, shop, read?

11. What does she like to read, watch, listen to?

12. What keeps her up at night

13. What is her biggest worry or fear?

14. What does she value the most

15. Give her a name

One of my sample Avatar

Denzel is 45. He’s married and lives in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. He is a Small business owner of an investment firm in Victoria Island and is fairly new to the Nigeria market having relocated from New York. He likes to travel and likes the finer things in life. He wants to position his company a prestigious financial firm and as a thought leader . He is interested in speaking engagements, investor events, mini meetings with CEO’s and targeted publicity in financial publications to reach his market. His pain is that he wants to penetrate in new markets, make more profit and take some share from the big players.

This is just a short example but you can be more specific because the more details the better. Use your avatar to brainstorm publicity and marketing ideas.  Write a story of your ideal avatar, a brainstorming exercise that may provide key insights.

More questions you can ask about your Avatar

What’s your customer’s biggest desire?

My ideal client wants to take market share from the big players

What’s their biggest problem?

They don’t have the time or expertise knowledge to do publicity themselves or if they have tried, it has not worked.

How can you help?

By implementing strategies that guarantee success

Go  ahead and create your business Avatar or review your current one. Make sure your following areas are speaking to your Avatar: Websites, business cards, marketing material (Tshirts, pens, notebooks) brochures, direct mail,  flyers, press releases, email signature, keywords, business facebook page, linkedin, phone scripts, videos, webinars etc.

About Majestically Rare – Publicity Services

We help develop marketing and publicity strategies that enables small and medium size businesses capture market share from the ‘big players’ by creating brand recognition, enabling businesses to repackage and reposition themselves to attract more clients’ thereby increasing profit. We also act on your behalf as Event & Publicity planners.  Contact info@majesticallyrare.com for an initial free consultation +234 806 899 7439

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