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According to research, less than 15% of people have truly defined their personal brand and even less live it out. Personal Branding is the key to standing out in a tough and crowded market.  It’s a way to strategically differentiate yourself and get noticed for your value before your competition. Contrary to popular Personal Branding is not about showing off or boasting about what you do. It’s also NOT about putting your competitors down to make yourself look better. benefits

Listed below are just some benefits of developing a Powerful Personal Brand

Discover your hidden YOU

The personal branding process forces you to be strategic and think about your values and what makes you unique. Once you are able to go through this process in a deliberate thought out way, you will start living it and then decide who you want to share it with.

Builds Confidence

An in-depth knowledge of your personal brand builds confidence because it keeps you focused on your key strengths. When you know what your key strengths are, it builds stronger self esteem. You will also be less focused on your weakness because you know what you have to offer the world.  An increased confidence in what you are good at also gets you head hunted if you are in paid employment and draws more clients to you, if you are in business.

More Credibility

Actions speaks louder than words. Your credibility soars as you become the ”Go to person”.  If you live your personal brand and live up to your brand promise you are on the path to automatic credibility just like the big brands such Apple, Nike and Google.  The key is consistency.

Become Memorable

The people that stand out in the world are those that are known for something. They are experts at what they do. They have mastered their craft. Most people are known for everything so they get lost in the crowd and they are not memorable. Developing a personal brand forces you to look deeper at your expertise. It’s a great way of attracting the right clients or the right job for you.

Leaves Your Legacy

Creating a personal brand leaves a legacy.  People will remember you through your actions, your expertise and your emotional connections. When you define who you are, you allow your true self to be visible.

Connection To Your Target Audience

Personal branding is not about connecting to everyone, rather it’s about connecting to those who need your value. It helps you communicate you’re your target audience in a clear and concise way. The key is to be consistant with your audience as this builds trust.

Sets You Apart From Your Competition

Do people have a clear understanding of what you do and what value you bring? In a world that is very crowded, personal branding helps you identify your uniqueness and differences.  If your target market notices nothing unique about you or what you stand for it easy for them to pass you by.

Focused Energy

We all need focus in life, right? Have you ever worked in an industry that you completely disliked or took up a contract that was completely not for you?  You didn’t enjoy it and you didn’t give it your all. Why live your life like that? A powerful person brand keeps you focused and draws the right opportunities for you.

Win! Win! Win

When you develop your personal brand, you will start attracting the right opportunities for you as an employee or as an entrepreneur. But there is a process!  A well thought out strategic marketing process

Come along to our High Impact Personal Branding workshop in Lagos on the 23rd July, 2016 and  mix with other like-minded professionals and learn strategies and tactics to building your Powerful Personal Brand for sucess.

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