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Many organisations are often on the look out to sponsor events. They often look for events that match their vision and business goals. Some companies set aside budgets for corporate social responsibility. The following notes will help you prepare a good strategy for seeking sponsorship.

Sponsorship_Logo You need to have a very strong case for seeking sponsorship from corporate companies.  From my experience, it is always best to have built a relationship with someone from the company before seeking sponsorship because companies tend to give out sponsorships to those they know, trust and like, rather than random requests.

The process can take up to 6 months just to get an acknowledgement. So don’t leave it too late. Be clear about your event and your objectives.

What is in it for the Company?
When you send in a sponsorship request to a company, they may be thinking about the following questions:
Is it part of our corporate social responsibility?
Is it in line with our vision and mission?
Will it reach our target audience and therefore reach new customers?
Will it be good for our company’s image?
Will it generate publicity, brand awareness and great media coverage?
If the answers are YES and they have the budget, you may stand a chance of getting the sponsorship request approved. Do be mindful that thousands of people are sourcing funds for sponsorship so don’t depend solely on the sponsorship request.

What are you offering potential sponsors?

Do you have different sponsorship packages like Platinum, Gold & Silver?
Will you be offering giveaways like free tickets to your events?
Will the sponsor be able to make a speech at the event?
Will their branding be visible at your event?
Will there be massive publicity?

What to write in your Proposal

  • Introduce your company and say why you are holding the event
  • State where the event is happening and on what date
  • State the reasons to partner and the benefits to your sponsors
  • Be transparent and include your budget
  • Invite your sponsors to your event even if they do not sponsor
  • Do not send general sponsorship letters 
  • Personalise each sponsorship request, ensuring that you know about their vision and values.

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