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Everyone is talking about social media these days and how important it is for businesses. Majestically Rare have been using social media for just over 3 years for our business as a key tool to support our corporate events and brand awareness. We also deliver the same service on behalf of our clients. Social media unlike traditional media is interactive which means, you need to engage with your audience. Here are some guidelines on how to get started Social-media-2014
using social media.

First you need to establish your social media business goals. What are you trying to achieve? For example your goal may be to attract 50% more traffic to your website from social media or to gain 10,000 followers by end the year on Facebook.

You need to learn about your audience
Who/ Where they are?
How/ Why they consume?
How/ Where they engage?
Do you know what the key issues are in your industry?
Do you know the influencers?
Do you know what is buzzing?
This will involve research to find more about the community you wish to serve.

There are so many social media platforms to choose from but it doesn’t mean that your brand should be everywhere. Select wisely. Some of the major platforms include Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, You Tube, Blogger and Slideshare. Take your time to understand the dynamics and etiquette rules of each platform because they are all unique.

Once you have decided which social media platforms to use, you should provide great content, engage regularly, ask questions, participate, like comments, respond to feedback and post offers.

Another valuable aspect of social media is your ability to share. So again you should share quality content, either your own or another source via links, unique photos, expert advice, reports, facts, trending news, document slides, white papers and press releases.

You should create a strict content plan and stick with it. Do not SPAM. Hard selling does not work effectively on social media. Research has shown that social media audiences prefer to get to know businesses, like them, trust them before they buy from them.

The beauty of social media is that you can track your results instantly. Different platforms have different tracking tools such as viewing likes, retweets, audience age, hobbies and where they are located, just to mention a few.

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Mrs Rita Okoye, The CEO of Majestically Rare will be speaking about ‘Excelling in the global marketplace – marketing your brand through social media’ at this year’s WOWe Festival (Women of West Africa’s Entrepreneurship Festival) on June 25th, 2015 at Landmark Events Centre Lagos.

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